it’s official: we are slaves to the banks

content by:  Grant Cagann
It is no longer a secret that the Federal Reserve is a private bank (not Federal as the name suggests), and that that largest shareholders of this private bank are:
JP Morgan Chase
Bank Of America
Wells Fargo
Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley
 It is also no longer a secret that AS a for-profit private bank, every dollar the fed prints and provides to congress for spending OR creates out of nothing (as electronic blips) through credit/debt account creation through it’s member banks is done as a LOAN with interest.  Stop and really think about this for a minute…the Constitution (which was specifically written to OUTLAW central banking) allows congress to create money through the treasury alone.  With the creation of the Fed in 1913, the process of owing every dollar created and spent BACK TO THE BANKS begun.  Since there is interest attached to each dollar provided by the Fed, it is true that it can NEVER be paid off…if every dollar created was paid back, there would be no more dollars left in existence but we would still owe the interest!
Another way to look at this is that since the banks create and lend ALL the money, we literally pay all our taxes back to them!
Today marks a very dark day in American History.  Up to this point, Americans have come accustomed to China, Japan, and the oil producing countries holding a large portion of our debt.  However, it was announced that today, for the first time ever, the ENDGAME IS HERE…the Private Federal Reserve is now the biggest holder of American debt:
So how did the Fed come out of nowhere to rocket to #1?  …well since the world has been losing confidence in the dollar and most nations are getting out of US treasuries, there has been no choice but to have the Fed buy our treasuries to raise money for government expenditures.  This is called “monetizing our debt”, and is the last ditch effort to keep the ponzi scheme propped up.
Most people will say “so what, we’re just borrowing from ourselves”, or you may hear “we’re borrowing from our grandchildren”.  WRONG!  We are borrowing from the BANKS who are now (officially as of today) our masters!

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