Ron Paul: the ONLY candidate not advocating war

content by:  Grant Cagann
Please take a moment ask yourself: Why is war with Iran is even on the table right now?  The assassination plot involving a used car salesman (ha!) has now been completely debunked and exposed as a false flag, so why is this agenda still being pursued?  And why is it now a MAJOR focus of the Republican debates?  THE PLOT WAS FAKE, IRAN HAS DONE NOTHING DIFFERENTLY IN THE LAST YEAR…WHY DO WE WANT TO ATTACK THEM NOW????  While we’re on the subject, why after 30 years did we decide to take out Gaddafi now?  Why is Syria next?
Think about it for a moment…there was a completely concocted plot that advances a perpetual war agenda, which is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be staged, and yet the war machine still moves forward with it like it’s truth!  Apply this method to anything pushed by mainstream media today, and there you have it…CONTINUITY OF AGENDA.  Left, Right, Clinton, Bush, Obama, etc…makes no difference.
As wild as this sounds…Ron Paul might be the ONLY politician left in America that is proven to be 100% CLEAN of influence from Wall St and military industrial complex.  That means that his statements are not backed by dollars supporting our only thriving industries and exports today…guns, tanks, debt, x-ray scanners, etc.  Meanwhile, the other candidates have proven to support the war agenda, the patriot act, perpetual military action, fractional reserve banking, the wall street scheme, entitlements, growth of government, deficit spending, and promoting ‘fear’ over personal liberties.  He is in NOBODY’S pocket…which is absolutely unheard of in politics today, and should be reason enough to support him.  Prove me wrong on any of these, please!
Consider the thoughts above, then watch this:

Notice near the end that he takes a deep breath before answering the question on Al-C.I.A.da…Ron Paul knows that truth about the war on terror, and gives the most PC answer possible.

How anyone can vote for any of those plastic puppet Ken Dolls over a true statesman is beyond me.

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