Building 7 – 9/11’s Smoking Gun

content by:  Grant Cagann

DISCLAIMER:  While the writer’s view is that 9/11 was an “inside job”, this does NOT mean that “we”, or “America” quote “did it”.  False flag terror has been used throughout history to sway public sentiment, to enter and extend wars, and to demonize rival factions.  Our government, like the United Nations, IMF, World Bank, Eurozone (PIIGS), and most Third World leadership have proven to be illegitamate and controlled by the creators of global fiat debts and currencies.  Follow the money, and listen to what history is teaching us.

I recently spent an afternoon at an Occupy Portland rally/march, and 4 out of 5 people that commented on my “Occupy Building 7” sign had no idea what it was referring to.

While there is no way to prove ANY version of 9/11 with 100% certainty, what CAN be concluded is that the OFFICIAL story is laughable at best.  From the hijacker’s undamaged paper passports being found (after being shot out of massive fireballs upon impact) on top of 100’s of thousands of tons of steel, concrets, and furniture turned to DUST, to cars with melted motors and transmissions near ground zero, to the molten metal that boiled for over a month in the basements, stunt-flying jumbo jets that vanished into thin air, NORAD drills for the exact same “hypothecial” event being carried out on the same day…the list goes on and on.

But without a doubt..THE smoking gun of 9/11 is Building 7.  Below is a 15 minute video produced by the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth movement.  In America today, anyone who questions the “official” story of anything is labeled a conspiracy theorist.  It’s almost like having an original though makes you a nutjob.  Shouldn’t that tell us something??  What I love about this group is that they are THE EXPERTS in the exact field where the cover-up is being perpetuated.  Who is more credible than Architects and Engineers when it comes to steel structures?

Please put your emotions and politics aside for a few minutes and watch the following video…and spend some additional time seeking your own answers to these questions.  This is THE event that has defined recent history and the America we live in today, and the official story has been used to further divide us into separate camps of thought, strip each and every one of us of our basic freedoms and liberties, and advance the anti-Islam agenda by demonizing all Muslims as radicals who would extinguish you for glory if they had the chance.  For our childrens’ sake, and for the future of this Republic, we must demand the truth.


some additional information:

Architects and Engineers home page:


there is so much more out there…don’t be a slave to the globalist controlled media…seek truth!


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