The Silver Bullet: Barney Frank & Harry Reid…

…will go down in history as LEGENDS in the minds of physical silver bugs, and as greatly responsible for transferring tremendous wealth from the .001 to the .999.

Written by:  Grant Cagann

As a former “nukes-out” neo-con entrenched in the left-right paradigm, I hated few politicians more than these two.  BUT…the more steps I take back from that previous mindset, the more it seems plausible that Reid & Frank may have been working for the “good guys” all along.

Why else would they write and support legislation supporting the illegitimate government’s sell-off of it’s silver stockpile?  And furthermore, make it LAW that the US Mint produce enough Silver Eagles to meet public demand?

see the following bills:  Senate bill 2598 (1982), House bill 6649 (1982), Senate bill 269 (1983), The Liberty Coin Act (1985), Senate bill 2594 (2002).

This procession of legislation is an invitation for the common man to drive a stake through the heart of the banking cabal…a group Reid & Frank are supposedly sworn to protect, no?

Let me repeat:  It is LAW that the US Mint produce enough Silver Eagles to meet consumer demand.

As mentioned in our previous article, domestic Silver Eagle and Silver Maple consumption has already surpassed ALL North American production.  Well, consider these facts:

  • Silver Eagles & Silver Maples are but a small % of actual physical purchases (most investment silver is sold in 100+oz bars)
  • Investment silver is but a small % of total silver consumption (most is industrial)

Well if you though the 2011 Eagle/Maple #’s told a story, consider that as of TONIGHT, the US Mint has sold over 5 Million Silver Eagles in 2012 (that’s just 18 days).  This is more than many months COMBINED in 2011.

You may disagree (as I do) with most everything these gentlemen appear to stand for.  But stop and consider for a moment that everyone in Washington is working for or against someone, and doing so at the pleasure (or disgust) of the establishment.  My research has led me to believe that certain members of the parties are working behind the scenes for a greater cause, and are feeding the destruction of our current system by providing it enough rope to hang itself.

Think I’ve gone mad?  Consider that Nancy Pelosi has continually supported both modernization and preservation of the San Francisco Mint, which even as a museum looks fully equipped to assist in our eventual return to a gold standard.  THANKS NANCE!

Join me in proclaiming 2012 as the year you will exit the manufactured left/right paradigm and seek your own truths.  Naturally you should begin with the legend of sound money, as all roads lead down this path.

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