Venezuela > The Banksters

Written by: Grant Cagann

Just days after Venezuela received the last of it’s repatriated gold shipment from Europe, Chavez and crew gave yet another “both middle fingers in the air” salute to the world banking cabal by announcing V’s withdrawl from the World Bank’s arbitration body.

I know I know…evil dictator, communist, babies in incubators, etc….we should invade as soon as we’re done with Iran, right?

Not quite.  The World Bank and it’s origination arm (IMF) are the scourge of the global economy, and are responsible for the debt enslavement of most global third world populations.  Their loans not only line the pockets of multinational contractors who of course win the development and construction project bids to “modernize” these nations, but they inevitably end in restructuring (more debt) and eventually default…where they are then guaranteed by that nation’s government and signed on to the backs of the people.  SOUND FAMILIAR?

When are people going to wake up (stand up) to the horrors of central banking and global fractional reserve monetary policy?  There are very few who benefit from this, and there are a hell of a lot more of us that don’t.  Seems like simple math, but I guess football and reality television is more important.

There are in fact quite a few historical examples of leaders who turned their backs on the World Bank/IMF hegemony.  None of them returned FiatPlanet’s requests for interviews, however.  Omar Torrijos (Panama), and Salvador Allende (Chile) had some unforeseen mechanical issues, Mohammad Mosaddegh (Iran) is rUnnINg :Forrest Gump voice:, and Saddam & Moammar are a bit choked up at the moment.

Aren’t our foreign aid interests SO LOVING?  Not sure about you, but murdering world leaders and their citizens to advance our debt empire just gives me the warm fuzzies.

Unfortunately for the PTB, the global tide is shifting, people are waking up to blatant tyranny, and leaders like Chavez (who has experience thwarting western-backed takeovers) are openly dissing the system, nationalizing the very industries the corporatocracy aims to monopolize, and sharing the profits with their people.

And unlike those mentioned above, Chavez should live to tell the tale.


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