Are commodities being consolidated ahead of the crash?

Written by:  Grant Cagann

Whether is happens in 2012 or sometime in the near future, a global financial meltdown will happen.  Anyone can clearly see that the monetary system is designed (through a series of booms and busts) to collapse from time to time so those in control can “pick up the pieces” for pennies on the dollar.  2008 was an obvious example of this, and the current eurozone circus acts as a daily reminder.

What is coming, however, will be different.  Each new bailout, central bank infusion, IMF/World Bank loan, austerity exercise, deficit spending proposal, etc. over the past 100 years has grown the (ponzi) pyramid too tall too fast, and a catastrophic correction is inevitable at this point.

So when the fiat system bursts, where is all that value transferred?  Commodities, and other items with intrinsic value.

While it will go unnoticed by 99.9% of the world’s population, there is a deal going down right now that will make it much easier for the banksters to scoop up the largest stockpile of corporate-held commodities on earth.

notice the usual suspects involved in consulting and financing: “Glencore is working with Citigroup and Morgan Stanley as financial advisers, while Xstrata has hired Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Deutsche Bank AG and Nomura Bank International Plc.”

Can you say shared control by the major Fed shareholders of what will be the planet’s most valuable post-crash assets?  Yes, the free market system IS really so broken that this group, in broad daylight, can orchestrate a global meltdown and come out the other side many times more powerful.


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