Gold is not in a bubble

Comments by:  Grant Cagann

While I believe that silver will CRUSH gold in the end, I find it amusing that this gold bubble theory is pushed by the financial talking heads.  This at a time where we are adding over a trillion dollars a year to the national debt…and that’s the obviously fake numbers spoon fed to the dumbed-down public!

Derivative debt (most of which will end up on the backs of the American people) is now nearing 2,000 TRILLION DOLLARS, and the 2008 bailout alone added an unaccounted for 19+ trillion in new Federal Reserve debt.  These are both on top of the 20+ Trillion in future social security obligations as well as entitlement promises sure to crash your calculator. released this video today on what a real gold bubble looked like in 1980 vs. the realities of today’s fiat-printing frenzy and out of control global debt machine.  Definitely worth 6 minutes of your time…as is buying some shiny before the REAL bubble hits.

For a more detailed breakdown of the current status of gold vs. the US financial situation, take a few moments to read Nick Barisheff‘s landmark article from October here:

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