what our system produces: Kony 2012 & H.RES.583

Written by:  Grant Cagann

Peering through the fog, it is uncertain whether Invisible Children was a psyop from the start or was simply hijacked by the establishment.  It really doesn’t matter though, since when we look back on this sociopolitical blip in history, the stain of Kony 2012 will be house resolution 583.

If the bush era taught us anything, it was that the American sheeple could be rallied around the hunt for a lone bogeyman regardless of taxpayer expense or loss of personal liberties, innocent life, or LOGIC!  This trend has been carried through from puppet administration (bush) to puppet administration (obama) and shows no signs of slowing down.  For anyone paying attention, it is plain to see that TPTB used this momentary lapse of reason (ie…the collective “we MUST do SOMETHING!” attitude) to create yet another open-ended, far reaching bogeyman hunting license.

If our leaders really cared about taking Kony out, they would simply take him out…simple as that.  Instead, they create this blueprint for empire expansion throughout Africa.

Can you match the resolution items below with the following EMPIRE OBJECTIVES?

A.  Clearing the road for additional troops and bases throughout Africa

B.  Allowing US and it’s allies to invade any African nation in the “search for Kony”, support any African ruling family in the name of “hunting Kony”, or sanction any African nation in the name of “suppressing those who support Kony”.

C.  Paving the way for defense and security contractors to enter, establish a footprint, and move freely around Africa.

D. Providing access to African media outlets for the purpose of “updating the people on Kony’s activities”

*  Remember that all this is being done in the name of a GHOST-LIKE FIGURE who jumps borders, hides in jungles (or caves), could be ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME, and hasn’t been seen in years!  Sound familiar?  I truly hope so.

PDF of HR583 can be found HERE

Whereas targeted United States assistance and leadership
can help prevent further mass atrocities and curtail humanitarian suffering: Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

(1) condemns the LRA’s continued senseless atrocities, and calls for renewed, robust efforts by the United States, governments in the affected region, and the international community to bring an end to the LRA’s terror once and for all;

(2) commends American citizens for their concern and creative efforts to help the communities affected by the LRA;

(3) welcomes and encourages the Ugandan and other regional governments, as well as the African Union, for their efforts to end the LRA threat;

(4) welcomes United States’ ongoing efforts to implement a comprehensive strategy to counter the LRA, in line with Public Law 111–172, and to assist governments in the region to bring Joseph Kony to justice and end LRA atrocities;

(5) calls on the Administration to keep Congress fully informed of its efforts and to work closely with Congress in 2012 to address critical gaps and enhance United States support for the regional effort to counter the LRA;

(6) calls on the Secretary of State and heads of other government agencies to undertake diplomatic efforts with partner nations focused on— (A) expanding the number of capable regional military forces deployed to protect civilians and pursue LRA commanders; (B) enhancing cooperation and cross-border coordination among regional governments; and (C) promoting increased contributions from European and other donor nations for regional security efforts; 

(7) calls on the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, and the heads of other government agencies to utilize existing funds to address shortcomings in current efforts, especially by— (A) enhancing mobility, intelligence, and logistical capabilities for partner forces engaged in efforts to protect civilians and to apprehend or remove Joseph Kony and his top commanders from the battlefield; (B) expanding physical access and telecommunications infrastructure to facilitate the timely flow of information and access for humanitarian and protection actors; and (C) providing increased opportunities for LRA commanders, fighters, abductees, and associated noncombatants to safely escape and defect from the group, including through radio and community programs; 

(8) calls for the United States to place restrictions on any individuals or governments, including the Republic of Sudan, found to be providing training, supplies, financing, or support of any kind to Joseph Kony or the LRA;

(9) stresses the importance that civilian protection be prioritized and that steps be taken to keep communities vulnerable to LRA attacks informed about known LRA movements and threats;

(10) notes the increased number of people who have been released or escaped from the LRA’s ranks since October 2011 and calls on governments in the region and the international community to push for greater defections from the group; and

(11) urges the governments of Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of South Sudan, Republic of Sudan, and Central African Republic to work together and redouble their efforts to address the LRA threat.


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