Support Our Troops…BRING THEM HOME!

Written by:  Grant Cagann

Question…how can you “support the troops” by sending them off to die so the banks and Fortune 100 can gain more power?

It’s high noon in the information age, and anyone who turns the TV off and looks for their own information (instead of letting the media establishment or political party make up their mind for them) can clearly see that the wars on terror/drugs/communism/etc. are 100% contrived, benefit only the elite few, divide our nation politically and socioeconomically, and MURDER INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN on all “sides”.

As well-meaning the intentions of our soldiers are, the sad reality is that a great many of them (and their families/supporters) have no idea what they are really fighting and DYING for.  Amazingly, the masses still confuse dying for oil, central bank ledgers, and western hegemony with dying for freedom.  Sure, there was a time where the line between good and evil was more clear…but today the real terrorists wear suits and start wars with words…and the public blindly sends their beloved husbands, wives and children off to die in servitude.

If we really supported our troops, we would bring them home, and turn our killing machines back into fathers, husbands, brothers, sisters, children…


2 thoughts on “Support Our Troops…BRING THEM HOME!

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