the ultimate silver playlist (updated)

Comments by:  Grant Cagann

UPDATED May 18th, 2012…………….

Silver bounced today from what many are calling a floor at $27/oz.  These are the same “insiders”, that like myself, are screaming MANIPULATION from the rooftops.  I find it interesting how anyone who claims that the electronic/paper metals game is fully manipulated can also assume that “real” buyers/trades will make any bit of difference at any given price to drive the fictional price up.  If it’s rigged then it’s rigged, and gold/silver prices can be taken to $1MM/oz or slammed to $0/oz!

In my opinion, the spot price means nothing other than how much sound money my fiat paper can be converted into on any given day.  Call it dollar-cost averaging…call it whatever you want.  I call it protection, and a giant middle finger to the system that I’m keeping my savings out of.

UPDATED May 8th, 2012……………..

Today’s paper metals SLAM, and a visit to a certain Portland, OR coin shop (who had ZERO 90% “junk”, and less than 3 mixed tubes of silver eagles at 1pm wall st. time today Friday, May 8th 2011….mark it!), lit the fire to update this playlist. 

Ignore this information only if you are prepared to explain to your great grandchildren why you did not protect them when you had the chance…today.

Buy physical silver and close your eyes to the “market price” as the market (as we know it) will not outlast your legacy.

Original Post.  April 12, 2012……………

In the seemingly infinite realm of internet consciousness these days, capturing someone’s attention on a consistent basis is quite a feat.  After discovering Chis Duane’s sites in January, I’ve spent the last few months going through his body of work, and truly appreciate his unique perspective and positive message.

Developing a silver theory series has been weighing on me for a while now, and here comes Chris with something that I could never have dreamed to put together.

This content is well worth a couple hours of your life, and offers many different insights into the fact that converting your worthless fiat dollars into physical silver is the single most important thing you can do to protect your family, wealth and purchasing power, while simultaneously driving a stake into the heart of the system.

I urge every American to visit your local coin shop TODAY and walk out with some physical silver (even $20 worth).  Moving your future off the grid is, if nothing else, good for the soul.

View the full playlist HERE, or watch the individually posted videos below…

Part 1:  Introduction

Part 2:  Silver is money

Part 3:  Why Silver and NOT Gold

Part 4:  Silver is the Indispensable Metal

Part 5:  Infinite Money, Finite World

Part 6:  Physical Silver Has NO Counterparty Risk

Part 7:  The Historical Case for $960 Silver

Part 8:  The REAL Silver High

Part 9:  Gold is the Gut Reaction, Silver is the Smart Decision

Part 10:  The Silver Paradigm Shift

Part 11:  The Three Demands of Silver

Part 12:  The Three Big Charts For Silver

Part 13:  Baby Boomer’s Last Stand

Part 14:  Protect Your Wealth

Part 15:  The Real Hunt Story (part 1)

Part 16:  The Real Hunt Story (part 2)

Part 17:  Warren Buffett Paradigm Puppet

UPDATE……..ADDED 5.8.2012……………………..

Part 18:  Silver Manipulation Part 1

Part 19:  Silver Manipulation Part 2

Part 20:  Silver Confiscation

Part 21:  Silver in Perspective

Part 22:  Look How Far Silver Has Come

Part 23:  The World is Cornering the Elite

Part 24:  The Big Silver Picture

Part 25:  The Silver Door is Closing

UPDATE……..ADDED 5.8.2012……………………..

Part 26:  Who’s Running Scared?

Part 27:  How Money Dies

Part 28:  6 Reasons for Hyperinflation

…since this is an ongoing series, I will post updates as new videos are produced. In the meantime, please visit Chris’s sites HERE and HERE


2 thoughts on “the ultimate silver playlist (updated)

  1. Chris has put a fountain of information in these videos. This breaks down all of the questions that surround the failing dollar and how to protect your family. Thank you for spreading this vital knowledge.

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