full spectrum dominance


Beyond JPMorgan & Silver Manipulation: Full Spectrum Dominance & The Commodity Markets

On Coast to Coast, George Noory asked researcher and journalist William Engdahl point blank: what do they (the elite) want:

Well, to be honest I think these are people who are, if we were to analyze them psychoanalytically, we would say they were functional psychotics. Very very sick mentally ill people who are absolutely obsessed with power, power over life on this planet in all forms…

Noory replies:

So true, they probably have so much money they are probably so bored that the only game for them in town now is manipulating the planet.

The silver market, like all markets, is to be a game preserve where silver can be gotten by the elite whenever the want. Silver demand in India has for more than a century been a concern of organizations like the Silver Users Association who wanted that silver back on the “free market” so that it could, in turn, be hoarded by the them.

Full spectrum dominance is pentagonese for the basic military doctrine of the military-industrial complex and the money lenders of finance capital in the post Cold War era. It declares the pursuit of control of oceans, land areas, space, outer space, and cyber space. The entire planet and beyond.

Silver is one element in this web and industry of full spectrum dominance. The general public – the “meddlesome outsiders” –are but an afterthought as “the managers” of a “war of terror” work shoulder-to-shoulder for a “new freedom” run by “demise of the state globalists” hidden behind the reflective glass of transnational skyscrapers. So it has been as “civilization” has run amok.
Not only silver, but a litany of commodities have declined in the last year. The volatility has left the bottom-feeders of the global economy ravaged as debt-plagued and contagious national governments, businesses and individuals levitate on the edge of depression. The volatility has made it difficult to thrive, and, as currencies are devalued and commodity prices remain suppressed, the illusion that everything is okay will grow more fragile, and a paradigm shift will change the name of the game.



Silver is not the only game in town. It is but a piece of a puzzle. The puzzle? Control of the planet. And, on the road to this, control of all commodities is a must.

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