das papieren, bitte!

Clif High

It happened to me today; i ran smack into the fascistic wall being built around the USA, formerly known as the ‘land of the free’.

While ALL of the patriotic rhetoric of my youth is suspect, i had not anticipated ever running into the dreaded ‘papers check’…that in the old Nazi movies begins with the phrase:

Das papierien, bitte!

Of course, they do say, ‘please’, but it is a command nonetheless. “Hand over your papers!”.

In this instance is was a drivers license that was demanded, but the sense is the same….das paperien, bitte!

Get used to it. For the remaining months that government has (above ground), at least here in the former land of the free range deluded patriot, the screws are tightening down all over.

Government is force. But, they can never actually afford to use force against more than a few citizens at a time without risking the ‘Anaheim response’ in which local residents battle police over brutal tactics being applied en masse, otherwise known as rebellion, or even worse, revolution. You see, they, the government HAS to be sneaky about their use of force, usually targeting people that they make into object lessons in order to coerce the rest of us into staying under control.

But that is breaking down. Probably due to teevee and the baby boom generation and beyond being desensitized to threats as a result of warped brains, but the cause is actually not pertinent. Government is scared. The systems of control are breaking down, so the natural response of the control freak is to try to grasp harder than ever as they feel the control leaking from their fingers… which leads inevitably to:

Das papierien, bitte!

So there i was, innocently minding my own business when the demand came. First i could not believe it….here, in America? Demands for identity papers?

“Who asks?” i ask?

Thurston County (state of Washington, Pacific Northwest USA) commissioners demand, came the response.

My own county commissioners?!? Now they are fascists! It was simply inconceivable!

While i had, of course, prepared myself for the inevitable intrusion of federal fascism into my life these remaining 8/eight months, it had never, in my wildest imaginings, occurred to me that it would be my own county commissioners who would sell my body to FEMA for harvest.

But that is where we are heading. No doubt.

It has to do with the level of oppression that the government HAS to use in order to maintain control. You see, the more desperate (and dangerous) they get, the more that the control freak becomes obsessed with minutia and triviality. As a military brat in the American Zone of Occupation in Southern Germany in the 1960’s, i had occasion to reside in an apartment building that also housed an aged SS Colonel. We eventually got to talking over time, and one thing he said has always stuck with me.

The spark of the conversation had been when i, rather rudely, asked him why he had been a Nazi? Didn’t he know they were the bad guys?

His response was unexpected in that he told me he joined the SS to save his life and that of his wife. “You see”, he said, “we had always planned to get out of Hitler’s vision, but we left it too late.”

He went on to say that one day it dawned on him just how late it was when he went to buy ‘postage coupons’ (stamps to us), only to find that he had to sign his name on a government form to send a letter outside the country. It was then that he decided to join the Nazi apparatus as a safety measure. His thinking being that he (and his wife) would then be part of ‘them’, rather than ‘against them’.

“Und so kinder”, he said to me, “when you see that they want your papers to mail a letter, it is too late to get out.”

Today i had the same shocking insight when they demanded my papers to dump my trash at the local landfill.

i shit you not. Some nutter fascist Thurston County commissioner (acting for Agenda 21 at the local level here in WA State) has decided that before citizens can throw away their trash, or recycling, they must present their identity papers.

i shit you not.

So, i had, on the spot, early on a Monday morning, after a terrible weekend with no sleep, to decide how to respond. The way my brain saw it at the time, there were 3/three basic options: i could comply (nope, that did not feel right); or i could fight it, which of course meant NOT dumping the trash, and probably would lead to me being involved with politics trying to defeat the retarded politician county commissioner dumb enough to put his name to this ‘papers to dump trash policy’, and, also given the touchy state of the militarized police…..; or, option 3.

It was option 3 that i chose….to scam the system.

Actually i was pretty proud of my poor brain for coming up with it…but what i did was to claim ‘federal protected class’ status….

“sorry, i am illegal, and have no driver’s license”. The idea was to have one part of the system now dealing with another.

“ok”, said the Land Fill employee. “But i have to fill in something here to let your truck get by, so what’s your name?”.

“Barak Rodrigues”.

He did not bat an eye, and typed it in.

“Address?” he asked?

“Don’t got one. Homeless”.

“Ok, fine” he said, and passed my truck on through.

Today’s drive to the landfill changed everything about the USA for me.

Das papierien, bitte!


Oh, and if you had been wondering….now we know…it is too late to get out.


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