About FiatPlanet

It’s been nearly 3 years since I watched a single cable (or local) news show, read a mainstream newspaper or news magazine, or could stand more than 5 minutes of conservative or sports talk radio.  Fact is, I used to spend countless hours each day plugged into the brainwash machine, and had no idea at the time that I was literally walking the streets of America as a zombie.  Like any respectable automaton, i trusted authority, feared/hated Muslims (who all want to kill us…so we are taught), argued over budgets and debt ceilings, fully supported American “exceptionalism”, and cared little about the unfortunate (and even less about the Earth).

Now just to be clear, this is not a story about how I woke up one day and saw the light by taking a “left turn” with my political views.  In fact, I’m sure that many reading this have a “mirror” tale of existence as a left-leaning assembly. Furthermore, it’s not like I used to be ignorant and now all of the sudden I’m sharp and curious about the literal universe of knowledge and open thought which our abhorrent system keeps us at a distance from.

Well…on second thought that may be EXACTLY it, ha!

Starving (freeing) my mind of this matrix of contrived thought has, however, offered me an opportunity to look at every aspect of human existence, history, faith and belief systems, social values, and personal motivations in an objective way.  Each day I seem to uncover truths about my life “up until now” that will undoubtedly assist with future values-system evolution and self-understanding. I’m quite certain that I’m not alone these days, and that many people out there are feeling that things don’t seem to quite add up.  Whether you’ve felt it your entire life, or like me, have gone through an “awakening” of sorts later in life that blew your old paradigm to bits, you sense that something is definitely amiss.

I by no means have all the answers, but have discovered that a steady diet of information that challenges my own “reality” is a key trait in any emergent existence.

Using this blog as an outlet, I will do my best to articulate some of the core discoveries I make along this journey.  My hope is that you, the reader, will refrain from any immediate urge to project your own values and fears onto this information in an attempt to marginalize or categorize it.  I do not hang my hat on any political party’s post, and certainly do not subscribe to any “ism” or blindly support a flag or symbolic element.  I love humanity as a single consciousness, and do my best to consider how my actions affect spaceship Earth.

Thank you for visiting Fiat Planet


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